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Not Just 4 Paws Animal Hospital

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Routine veterinary care is essential to keeping your pet in optimal health. If you live in Canyon Lake or the surrounding areas, Not Just 4 Paws Animal Hospital is your one stop location for all your pet care needs. We’ve been serving pet owners in the Inland Empire area for over 20 years. You can trust our team to take excellent care of your pet.

Who We Are

Our full-service animal hospital is run by Dr. Laura Searle-Barnes, a skilled veterinarian with years of experience in her field. Dr. Laura and our team offer routine wellness care, pet dental care, urgent care, and emergency pet care services to pet owners in Canyon Lake and the surrounding communities. We believe in providing conscientious veterinary services at affordable prices to cater to the needs of all pet owners in our local community.

Services We Provide

Our clinic is open to pets of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Our services are designed to protect, preserve, and restore your pet to optimal health. These services include:

  • Pet wellness exams – We provide annual wellness exams to dogs and cats of all ages to confirm their state of health. During this exam, our veterinarian will inspect your pet for signs of parasites, skin problems, joint problems or medical conditions. If we uncover abnormalities, we’ll take x-rays, blood, or skin tests to make an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition so he can get proper treatment.
  • Geriatrics – We offer special geriatric services for senior pets that include arthritis evaluation and treatment, pain management, and chemotherapy cancer treatment.
  • Diagnostics – Our diagnostic services include digital radiology, ultrasound, EKG, lab work, and allergy evaluation to meet your pet’s health care needs.
  • Pet vaccinations – We offer core and noncore vaccines to protect your pet from life threatening diseases.
  • Parasite prevention – We’ll recommend medications for ridding your pet of parasites and preventing future infestations.
  • Pet dental care – Quality oral care will protect your pet’s teeth and health. Annual dental exams and cleanings will help improve your pet's oral health. We also perform tooth extractions when necessary and provide treatment of pet dental issues.
  • Surgery – We offer low cost spay and neuter procedures for your pet, along with orthopedic treatments, soft tissue surgeries, tumor removal, fracture repair, and declaw services.
  • Nutritional counseling – We’ll help you establish a healthy diet for your pet at every stage of his life so he gets the nutrition he needs without gaining excess weight.  

See Our Canyon Lake Vet for Quality Pet Care

To schedule a visit with our Canyon Lake vet, contact Not Just 4 Paws Animal Hospital at (951) 244-4199 today. We look forward to meeting your pet care needs.


Meet Our Doctor

  • Laura Searle-Barnes BVetMed MRCVS
    Medical Director

    Welcome to NotJust4Paws, I am Dr. Laura Searle-Barnes and I grew up in a small rural village just North of London, United Kingdom, with my parents and younger brother.   For me, it was less of a decision to become a veterinarian and more of a vocation, knowing from the age of 4, I wanted to be a veterinarian and was lucky to receive a place at the Royal Veterinary College, London, where I trained in both small and large animals and graduated in 2006.

    I moved to the USA in 2006 where I worked in Seattle for 6 months and then back to the UK whilst waiting for a more permanent visa to return to California in 2008. In that time, I worked for the UKs largest charity (PDSA), helping families in need with their pets health concerns at the same time as gaining a wide range of surgical and emergency experience.

    In my lifetime I have had quite the collection of pets: Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas, chickens, ducks and a tortoise.  I truly love all creatures great and small.  I am lucky enough to now live on a ranch with my husband, Stephen, who has a degree in kinesiology and specializes in sports therapy massage (humans and horses), my daughter Lilly and sons Logan and Louie.  We have plenty going on to keep us busy!

     Although I practice both medicine and surgery I do have a special interest in dentistry and attend as many outside classes on this topic as I can find!  I also love working with rabbits, as growing up with them and coming from a country where they are the second most popular household pet, I miss seeing them, but am glad they are becoming more popular here in the United States.

    Practice ownership has been a dream of mine for quite some time, though it has had its challenges due to the overwhelming corporate takeover in this profession. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Not Just 4 Paws. I intend for it to remain a family run, friendly practice for years to come, and look forward to meeting each client and patient.

    Your pet is a part of our family. Not Just 4 Paws Animal Hospital is a family owned business and it is important that you know we are committed to providing your pet with the absolute best in veterinary care.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "My Newfoundland got his teeth cleaned by Dr Laura and she and her team did a fantastic job! Couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!"
    Colleen N
  • "Dr. Laura and her team were wonderful with my Buster! Thank You!"
    Kathy H.
  • "Service with a smile.. and not a huge bill behind it! Thankful!"
    Kim A.
  • "Very accommodating and helpful! Easy and fast appointment scheduling. Technician came out to my car to give our 100+ lb. mastiff/lab mix his shots. We were one of the original customers of Not Just 4 Paws when it opened almost 30 years ago."
    Cindy J.