Allergies in Pets

Dogs and cats, as well as other pets, don’t display allergies with wet, drippy noses, sneezing, and running for the tissue box. Instead, allergic reactions often become most apparent in animals with behavior changes, skin conditions, and fur appearance. Due to their curiosity, animals are likely to breathe and ingest allergic sources on a regular basis. At Not Just 4 Paws Animal Hospital in Canyon Lake, CA, our veterinarian will diagnose and treat allergies in your pets.


Causes of Allergies

While several different factors can cause allergies in your pets, here are some of the most common causes.


A common symptom of pet allergies tends to be a lot of itching and scratching. This could be a result of flea allergies, especially with outdoor pets or animals that frequently spend a lot of time moving, sitting and rolling around outside. Flea bites are common in pets as they become a great target for these parasites. Some pets are allergic to flea saliva and develop flea allergy dermatitis. Allergic animals often show symptoms of red swelling in the bite area, significant irritation and itching, more damage from scratching or infection, and hair loss. To avoid this allergy, your pet needs preventative flea care. This includes topical medications and flea collars.

Food Allergies

Another common allergy our veterinarians see involves reactions to pet food or human food. Animals tend to show food allergies through their fur and skin as their body tries to deal with the ingestion and reacts to it. Dogs and cats are also likely to throw up if they are allergic to a food. A large number of human foods affect dogs and cats negatively. Beef, dairy products, chicken, and soy have varying effects on allergic animals, which is why owners are often reminded to stick with prepared pet food and not feed their pets dinner scraps, no matter how much the dog begs. Our vet can determine what food or nutrient your pet is allergic so you can avoid giving it to your pet.

Outside Factors

Environmental causes tend to come into play with allergies. This includes pollen, dust, mold, and more. It can also include cleaning products and external pesticides. It is important to monitor your pet while it is outside. If your pet shows allergy symptoms in the spring, limit its time outside. Try to avoid woody areas with a lot of plants or flowers, as they can be allergens.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Pet

If your pet is showing allergy symptoms, don’t wait to seek treatment. Our approach to pet allergies at Not Just 4 Paws Animal Hospital in Canyon Lake, CA involves first diagnosing the accurate allergen involved. Once your pet is examined, then our expert team can create an effective course of treatment and recovery, many times improving both the appearance and behavior of your pet in a short period. The key is to stay on top of preventing allergies again, which our team can help pet owners with both in education and training as well. We offer a wide variety of pet care services in addition to allergy treatment. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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